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Bhutan, a small landlocked country in SE Asia, made a name for being the Happiest Nation on earth. Rather than focusing on gross national products, the nation is proud to introduce a new measure Gross National Happiness Index. In search of happiness, I packed my bag and headed to SE Asia this past fall.

An Amazing Traffic System

On my way to Bhutan, I visited India and Nepal. I almost had a heart attack trying to cross a street in New Delhi. Though in shock, I had to admit that they had an amazing traffic system. It seemed like a million cars, mopeds, buses, trucks, rickshaws, bicycles, tuktuks, people, cows, and camels all went in different directions right in front of my eyes. But amazingly, each of them somehow found a way to go forward, and even more amazingly, in a harmonious and calm state.

Chaotic or Not?

I was screaming out of my head in the middle of the street only if someone could hear me. Paradoxically, this seemingly chaotic scene, which happens far too often in my daily life, doesn’t seem to be chaotic at all to many others around me. But the chaos is real, definitely there. Or is it?

bhutan city

Happiness Coming From Within

Maybe, if I can just put down my murky lens; maybe, if I can just stop creating my own bubbled reality; maybe if I can just stop reacting to what is happening around me; maybe I can then find happiness.
Regardless of our belief, we can all dig down inside for our own Shangri-La.

To a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful 2017.

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Photo credit: smile! by seanbjack

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