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StephenC’s artistic journey started young. He began drawing as soon as he could hold a pencil. Art was his emotional outlet, expressing his feelings and telling his stories. Little did he know, that would someday develop into his pursuit of expressionistic and narrative art.

Spending his childhood in Hong Kong, an international city where east meets west, StephenC studied western graphite/charcoal drawing techniques while learning oriental brush painting. He later picked up watercolor. Today, StephenC does most of his work in oil, because he loves the depths of color offered by oil painting. But the influence of both eastern and western water-based disciplines is evident in between the many thin layers of washes.

After getting his Master of Engineering from Stanford and an MBA from the University of Michigan, StephenC’s early career took him around the country. Everywhere he went he attended local art schools. Eventually he settled down in the Pacific Northwest to run his publication & marketing firm that catered to small businesses. He got to help his clients through advertising, the left-brain version of telling their stories. StephenC now devotes his time to artistic pursuit. Besides working in his studio, StephenC helps run Skagit Artists, a local art association. He also teaches drawing and studies ceramics at the Kirkland Arts Center.

A few words from StephenC:

I paint and sculpt stories, the stories about my experiences, my emotions and perspectives of life. My artworks tell who I am and how I got here. I often name my pieces after popular songs and famous poems. The audiences can latch onto the lyrics or verses, which may help them further interpreting my work. Even better, they can substitute their own stories over mine, ultimately making my artwork their own. My paintings use abstract backgrounds to set the mood and representational foregrounds to tell stories, all through the untamed eyes of children. I usually try to strike the middle ground between cup half-full and half empty. I like to see the audiences form their conclusions based on their personal encounters.

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