Catherine Breer Leisure Lovers Art Print Set

“The Leisure Lovers” Art Print Set


Catherine Breer is famous for her landscape paintings. The Leisure Lovers Print Set, selected from her Coastal Art Collection, spells “leisure”. Bathe in the sun, feel the sea breeze. Relax and let your imagination takes you for a journey. The set includes paintings with complementary color tones to form a well-balanced wall décor set.


Catherine Breer’s Leisure Lovers Print Set includes four paintings selected from her Coastal Art Collection: Adirondack, Buoys, Beach Fence, Hammock

The landscape paintings in the Leisure Lovers set reminds us to relax and enjoy the beautiful moments. Bathe in the sun, feel the sea breeze. Let your imagination takes you for a journey.

The set includes paintings with complementary color tones to form a well-balanced wall décor set.

Available as prints on art paper (14″x14″) or aluminum panel (12”x12”).

Aluminum panel is a contemporary wall display alternative. The aluminum print gives the image a sharp, colorful, and luminescent finish. The metal panel is light and durable. It can stand moisture for your artwork to be displayed in high humidity area such as the kitchen and bathroom. No framing is needed. The aluminum print is mounted on a shadow box at the back to give it a floating view.

Please note that art paper images measures slightly smaller than the paper size to allow for a white border for framing. As computer monitors can have different calibration, the colors on your monitor may differ slightly from the printed artwork.

Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × .25 in

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