“Colors of Monarchs” Art Print


Jigsaw puzzle created from original artwork by collage artist Maggi Mason.



The Colors of Monarchs by Maggi Mason is a collage featuring the colorful monarch butterflies. Monarchs are famous for their beauty and the stunning scene they display during their annual migration.

Maggi: These beautiful little creatures exhibit such fortitude and endurance under huge odds. Distance, weather, human interference and danger from predators dog them at every turn, and yet in their thousands they brave all those odds to get to their journey’s end. I watch the few who arrive in my garden, maybe by mistake, and enjoy the brilliance of their colors and their still moments of rest on my Buddleia bushes and I wonder and hope for them as they catch the breeze and flutter off to continue their uncertain travels.

The collage showcases Maggi’s craftmanship. Many small pieces of paper / fabric fit together seamlessly to display colors and texture on the board.

Available as giclée on art paper (14″x14″) or on metal (12″x12″), and original (9″x12″)

Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × .25 in
Print Type

Original Artwork, Square Print on Aluminum (12"x12"), Square Print on Art Paper (14"x14")


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