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Charity Flash: Now through Sunday October 22, 10% of purchases site-wide go to support your selected cause. Just let us know which of the 6 causes you like to support in the “Note” field during checkout. Causes: Disaster Relief, Hunger Relief, Ending Homelessness, Healthcare for the Poor, Childhood Development, Global Citizenship

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ~Pablo Picasso

Welcome to Our mission is simple – help you dust away the hustle of daily life while raising money for good causes.

We hope to bring you an art collection that will reduce stress, inspire self-reflection, support our community, and most importantly celebrate life. Let the healing power of art de-stress your day.

Catherine Breer Landscapes ~ Bringing nature into your home.

Annie Darling Encaustic Art ~ Speaking to the meditative nature of art creation.

myIntrospection Gallery ~ memories, loves, reminiscences, inspirations, aspirations, and mistakes

SD Design ~ Celebrating little moments in life.

Meditation Room ~ Inspiring contemplation.

SoulDuster offers wall decorations, stationery, and functional art products in various styles. You will find original artwork, art prints, poster calendars, and jigsaw puzzles as wall arts for your home decoration. We also offer display calendars, note cards, and artwork from fair trade artisans around the around.

At SoulDuster, we firmly believe that our happiness is built on the happiness of others. 10% of the sales from Charity Gifts is donated to your selected cause. Please join us to create a better world.

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