yoga therapeutic back bench

Yoga Therapeutic Back Bench


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The Therapeutic Back Bench (the whale) derives its name from its elegantly curved profile. The Back Bench is a multi-use tool designed to stretch and elongate the spine while rejuvenating and energizing the entire body.

How it works:
In our everyday life, we are constantly required to bend or hunch forward. This forced posture begins to take its toll on the back particularly the spinal column over time. The muscles become tight, the spine begins to lose its graceful S-curve and instead becomes rounded or humped.

By positioning yourself in a gentle backbend on the Whale Back Bench, the spine is stretched counteracting the daily stresses that contribute to the forward rounding tendency. In the raised back bend position, the weight of the upper and lower body act in opposite directions to create a traction effect elongating the spine. The reduced compression on the vertebrae and disc often relieves associated pain and discomfort as well as improving ones appearance.

By moving up or down the gradually increasing curve along the Whale Back Bench, one can effectively control the intensity of the stretch. The vulnerable lower back is protected from over extension by the flatter portion of the bench. The head rest can be adjusted along the bench, even at the lumbar position, for additional support.

Additional Stretches: The Whale Therapeutic Back Bench can be used for a series of complementary stretches. With the Whale supporting your weight, you can focus on releasing and stretching specific joints and muscle groups.

Energizing: By extending the spine, releasing tightly held muscles, and increasing blood flow to the brain, the Whale helps to energize and rejuvenate. Some people even report having less trouble sleeping with regular usage.

The Whale is handcrafted from hardwoods using a bending and laminating process. The Back Bench comes fully assembled with instructions to use. The head pillow is included. 1 Year Warranty on materials and workmanship. The Whale Therapeutic Back Bench has a 200 pound maximum weight limit and a 6’2″ height limit.

Dimensions: 1′ w x 2′ h x 5′ l
Weight: 20 lbs

Note: Due to the handcrafted nature, these products may have slight variations in color, appearance, and measurements.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 60 x 13 x 24 in


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