Maya Angelou said that “among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.” At SoulDuster, we aspire to do just that through the creation, appreciation and sharing of art. That’s why we started this Charity Shop. 10% of the retail sales proceeds from our Charity Shop is donated to worthy causes.

Six Causes & Supported Charities
There are many worthy causes. As a start, we limit our focus to six causes that we deeply care about: disaster relief, hunger relief, ending homelessness, healthcare for the poor, childhood development and global citizenship. We identified respected 501(c)3 charities that focus on each of these causes. See Supported Charities.

Making A Difference Is Easy. Here Is How It Works.
• Select your Charity Gifts. All items listed in the Charity Shop qualify for our charity program. These items are also denoted with a heart symbol (♥) in their labels.
• At checkout, simply leave a note in the Customer Notes field to tell us which of these 5 causes you would like to support.
• We will direct the donation generated from your purchase to the 501(c)3 charity(ies) listed in Supported Charities for your cause.

To arrive at the donation amount, we take 10% of the retail sales proceeds from our Charity Shop, net of discounts and shipping. When more than one charity is associated with a cause, the donation is split evenly. In cases where no cause is specified by the customer, we spread the donation among all causes.

Your purchases can make a difference. May your gifts warm the hearts of your loved ones and the many you care.