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Our artist myIntrospection.stephen custom paints experiences

myIntrospection.stephen is happy to help you capture the stories locked in your hearts or the back of your head. Whether it is memories, loves, reminiscences, inspirations, aspirations, goals, or even mistakes, it is something that can speak to you time after time. Stephen’s work is introspective, narrative, and expressive. The reader may find some of himself in our myIntrospection Gallery. And some may even hit closer to home. And when you order, Stephen will customize your painting for you, using the paintings here in the gallery as a starting point and a style guide.

You can determine the subject matter, mood, color tone, size, and most importantly, your message behind the painting. Generally, the abstract background sets the mood. The representational foreground tells the story. You can even specify the degree of realism, as to whether your face is easily recognizable. He will communicate with you during the creative process, from concept, to composition, to the final product. You direct, he executes. In the end, you get to make it yourIntrospection!

See “A Sample Introspection” here.

Pricing will depend on complexity and size. But as a rule of thumb, it will be approximately $400 for a 12″x12″, $800 for a 24″x24″, $1200 for a 36″x36″, and $1600 for a 48×48″, plus shipping & handling. The custom oil painting will be on 1.5″ thick canvas “gallery wrapped” so a frame is not necessary. Plus it will fit the decor of your eventual hanging space.

10% of sales proceeds from Custom YourIntrospection Painting is donated to support the cause you select.

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