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About myIntrospection

Drawing has always been a way for myIntrospection.Stephen to express himself. Stephen likes to explore emotions through his artwork. His current focus is on painting stories, stories that are taken from everyday life and reflect viewpoints, feelings, and tiny snippets of life. His other interest is in portraits in which he can directly capture the emotions. Stephen works with a variety of media including charcoal, watercolor, sumi, and oil.

A few words from myIntrospection.Stephen:

Art allows us to explore our emotions and feelings sometimes in ways that words cannot. Ever since I was a child, art has helped me verbalize my inner voice. This remained the focus of my art work, and the reason behind the name myIntrospection. To me, the emotions behind the artwork is more important than the aesthetics. My current pieces are made up of abstract backgrounds that set the mood, and representational foregrounds that tell the stories.

I very much hope that my work would resonate with my audiences’ own life experiences and inspire them to explore their emotions. I encourage you to substitute my stories with yours and make it your-Introspection.

Visit myIntrospection’s Painted Stories collection.

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