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Catherine Breer

Catherine Breer

Catherine Breer grew up in Seoul, Korea, and began drawing as soon as she could hold a pencil in her hand. She studied painting and drawing at the Atlanta College of Art and The Museum of Fine Arts School, Boston. Her work has been exhibited widely throughout New England, and is in private collections all over the world.

Catherine Breer Artist Statement

I am always looking for that moment when the light hits just right, the shadows lengthen and ordinary objects become something quite extraordinary. Reflections appear on the water, light dances on the side of a building, bottles line up in a window just right. It is these moments in time that I want to capture. The landscape of Maine is a never ending source of inspiration for me. The rocky coast, the dark green ocean, verdant valleys, the harbors, and the coastal towns.

I have been heavily influenced by the vivid colors and graphic patterns found in Korean art and as a result, color and composition are the most important elements in my work.

Annie Darling

Annie Darling

Annie Darling was born in Chicago, Illinois and studied fine art and graphic design at the University of Oregon and at the University of Southern Maine where she graduated with a degree in Communication Arts. Annie has enjoyed a distinguished career as an artist, art director, and designer, receiving international acclaim for her visual design work. She began developing her encaustic technique in 2010. Her paintings can be found in public venues and private collections nation-wide.

Annie Darling Artist Statement

The encaustic medium fascinates me. There are so many ways to use this wax-based technique and I have enjoyed working with many of them. After working with more traditional painting methods, however, I decided to create my own style of dealing with the wax and working with the encaustic process. Beyond the wax, my paintings may include inlaid oil stick, graphite, gold leaf, other types of paint or found objects. In some cases, a piece will be composed of several paintings, portions of which reveal themselves through the layered wax.

I love creating abstract art because it is all about the process. I don’t try to send my paintings in a specific direction; instead, they shape themselves—each in a unique way—every layer informing the next, determining what is possible by creating limitations or opening themselves up to further manipulation. As a fine artist, I feel it is my duty or calling to allow the work to become what it wants to be, and to not try and force it. I am influenced by my surroundings and by what I see—lines, forms, shapes, shadows and the beauty of nature—and by what I hear—perhaps an intricate piece of music, or a bird calling a mate. With all my senses engaged, the experience of the moment finds its way into my thoughts and suffuses itself in the work.



myIntrospection.stephen was an engineer by training. Art has been a hobby instead. He has studied under different artists through the centuries-old atelier system. He paints memories, loves, reminiscences, inspirations, aspirations, or even mistakes. Each painting tells a story; it may be your story as well. Stephen resides in Seattle.

myIntrospection Artist Statement

Art allows us to explore our emotions and feelings sometimes in ways that words cannot. Ever since I was a child, art has helped me verbalize my inner voice. This remains the focus of my art work, and the reason behind the name myIntrospection. To me, the emotions behind the artwork is more important than the aesthetics.

My current pieces are made up of abstract backgrounds that set the mood, and representational foregrounds that tell the stories. These stories reflect viewpoints, feelings, and tiny snippets of life. I name my works after popular poems, songs, and folk sayings, where the lyrics add another dimension to the interpretation. I very much hope that my work would resonate with my audiences’ own life experiences, and I encourage you to substitute my stories with yours and make it yourIntrospection.

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